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In May 2015 the 2nd Latin-American Conference on International Tax Law will be organized in Colombia. This conference is part of a co-operation between ICDT, Universidad de Los Andes and the ACTL.

Detail Summary
Start date 28 May 2015
End date 29 May 2015
Time 07:30
A break at a conference

Topics include: post-conflict financing, taxation of drugs, legalization of marijuana and associated revenue, transfer pricing challenges in light of the BEPS project, cases pending in the EU, recent cases in Colombia, and the current status of the BEPS project. Will BEPS actually be implemented? Because several international and local law procedures need for the BEPS Plan to become a reality. The challenges of BEPS for developing countries will also be a talking point. During the conference the new trends in General Anti-Avoidance Rules (GAARs) will also be discussed. Other questions that will be addressed are 'are we moving towards a world with more Permanent Establishments?' and 'is there an alternative model to the taxing of multinationals?'.


  • Catalina Hoyos Jiménez (President of the Colombian Institute of Tax Law – ICDT)
  • Eleonora Lozano Rodríguez (Director of the Master of Laws program and the Specialization Course in Taxation at Universidad de los Andes. Associate Professor of the Faculty of Law of Universidad de los Andes)
  • Leonardus van den Ende (Former Member of the Directorate-General for Tax Policy of the Dutch Ministry of Finance)
  • Sam Kamin (Director of the Department of Constitutional Law, University of Denver)
  • Thomas Dubut (Paris-Dauphine University. Advisor to the International Monetary Fund)
  • Dennis Weber (Professor of European Corporate Tax Law at the University of Amsterdam and Director of the Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law (ACTL); Head of the European Direct Tax Law practice at Loyens & Loeff)
  • Lisandro Junco (Assistant Director of International Auditing - National Tax and Customs Administration (DIAN))
  • Manuel E. Tron (Former President of the International Fiscal Association)
  • Mario Osorio (Consultant to the National Tax and Customs Administration (DIAN))
  • René Fernando Urueña Hernández (Director of the area of International Law and Master of International Law program at Universidad de los Andes)
  • Jan van de Streek (Professor of Corporate Group Taxation at the University of Amsterdam)
  • Santiago Rojas (Director-General of the National Tax and Customs Administration (DIAN))
  • César García Novoa (Professor of Finance and Tax Law at the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
  • Edgar Ruíz (Associate at Lewin & Wills Abogados)
  • Arturo Garnham (Partner at Garnham Abogados, Chile)
  • Ricardo Escobar (Former Director of the Internal Revenue Service (Servicio de Impuestos Internos – SII) of Chile)
  • Maarten de Wilde (Tax Consultant, Loyens & Loeff N.V., Professor at Erasmus University, Rotterdam)
  • Juan Guillermo Ruiz (President of the International Fiscal Association (IFA) Colombia)
  • David Bedoya Goyes (Partner at Bedoya Goyes Abogados)
  • Andrés Hernández de León (Senior Attorney at Brigard & Urrutia)
  • Johann Muller (International tax professional. Advisor and Consultant of transfer pricing, tax risk management and APA's and dispute handling. Former Transfer-Pricing advisor to the Danish Tax Administration)
  • Javier Gonzaléz Valencia (Partner at EQUM Consultoría Legal y Tributaria)
  • Jessica Massy (Senior Manager International tax KPMG)
  • Guillermo Teijeiro (Partner at Teijeiro & Ballone Attorneys-at-Law, Argentina)
  • Juan David Velasco (Associate at Posse, Herrera Ruíz)
  • Mónica Hernández Gómez (Senior Tax Advisor - Director at Godoy & Hoyos Abogados)
  • Juan Esteban Korody (Partner at Palacios, Torres and Korody)


  • Jaime Andrés Girón (Partner at Baker & Mckenzie)
  • Guillermo Villaseñor Tadeo (Partner at Sánchez Devanny, México)
  • Gustavo Sánchez- González (Group Director of the Transfer Pricing practice at Baker & Mckenzie)
  • Ricardo Escobar (Former Director of Chile’s Internal Revenue Service (Servicio de Impuestos Internos - SII))
  • Leonardo Palacios (Partner at Palacios, Torres and Korody)
  • Hector Gustavo Ramírez (Associate at Posse Herrera Ruíz)