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In May 2014 the first Latin-American Conference on International Tax Law will be organized in Bogotá (Colombia).

Detail Summary
Start date 22 May 2014
End date 23 May 2014
Time 09:00
Audience at ACTL seminar

This conference is part of a co-operation between Andes, Javeriana, Externado & Rosario Universities, ICDT, IFA and the Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law of the University of Amsterdam.

The first International Conference on Tax Law constitutes a scenario for the presentation and discussion from a theoretical and practical point of view, of the main topics that underlie the study of the instruments and institutions of this discipline.

In this context, the ICDT in association with the Universidad Externado de Colombia and the University of Amsterdam, assembled international experts, who with a scientific approach embedded in practical cases, will socialize with scholars and members of the academic world and practice in Colombia, the matters affecting the development of international tax law.


Topics include Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS), exchange of information in the world, collective investment funds, transfer pricing, tax planning, international investment agreements and non-discrimination, distribution of tax competences between different authorities, the OECD, European Union and Latin America


The conference is sponsored by the Colombian Institute of Taw Law (ICDT) and the Universidad Externado de Colombia, with special support of the Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law of the University of Amsterdam, International Fiscal Association (IFA) Colombian Branch and the law firms: BDO, Brigard & Urrutia, Crowe Horwath, Cuval Abogados, Deloitte, EY, Gómez Pinzón Zuleta, Godoy & Hoyos, Insignares & Silva, KPMG, Loyens & Loeff, Pinilla, Gonzalez & Prieto, Posse Herrera Ruíz, Prietocarrizosa, Quiñones Cruz Abogados. In addition, it will have the valuable support of professors of recognized Colombian universities who have conducted studies on the topic under discussion, thereby achieving a scientific balance between a theoretical and practical vision of the matters to be discussed.


  • Steven Shay (Professor at Harvard University, USA)
  • Dennis Weber (Professor at the Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law, the Netherlands)
  • Juan Carlos Pérez Peña (Director of the International Treaties Department of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit of Mexico)
  • William Byrnes (Professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, USA)
  • José Alejandro Mejía Giraldo (Adviser of the Director of the Tax Administration of Colombia, DIAN – Colombia)
  • Hein Vermeulen (Professor at the Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law, the Netherlands)
  • Willard Taylor (Professor at NYU, USA)
  • Bruno da Silva (Professor at the Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law, the Netherlands)
  • Juan David Barbosa Mariño (Senior associate at Posse Herrera Ruiz)
  • Flávio Rubinstein (Professor at the Foundation Getúlio Vargas- Law School, Brazil)
  • Bristar Minxing Cao (Professor at China’s Central University of Finance and Economics)
  • Jimy Cruz Camacho (Director of the Transfer Pricing and Tax University, Mexico)
  • Pedro Sarmiento Pérez (Lead Partner at Deloitte)
  • Andrés Parra Ramirez (Lead Partner at EY)
  • Jeroen Janssen (Senior Partner at Loyens & Loeff, Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
  • Catalina Hoyos (VP of the ICDT)
  • Gustavo Silva (Partner at Insignares & Silva)
  • Claudia Vargas (Associate at Godoy & Hoyos)
  • Benjamin Cubides (Partner at Cuval Abogados)


  • Mauricio Marín Elizalde (Professor at the Universidad Externado de Colombia
  • Diego Quiñones Cruz (Partner at Quiñones Cruz Abogados
  • Luis Enrique Téllez Peñarete (VP of the Taxes and Financial Control department – Citibank – Colombia)
  • Dennis Weber (Professor at the Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law, the Netherlands)
  • Eleonora Lozano Rodríguez (Professor at Universidad de los Andes)
  • Andrés Parra Ramirez (Lead Partner at EY)
  • Julián Moreno (Partner at Deloitte)
  • Roberto Insignares (Professor at the Externado University of Colombia)


  • Myriam Gutierrez (Partner at KPMG) and Carolina Rozo (Senior associate at Prietocarrizosa)
  • Ricardo Ruiz (Partner at EY) and Jairo Higuita (Partner at Crowe Horwath)
  • Mauricio Piñeros Perdomo (Partner at Gómez- Pinzón Zuleta) and Juan Guillermo Ruiz (Partner at Posse Herrera Ruiz)
  • Julio Roberto Piza – (Professor at Universidad Externado de Colombia) and Camilo Caycedo Tribín (Partner at Pinilla, González y Prieto)
  • Gustavo Silva (Partner at Insignares & Silva) and Claudia Vargas (Associate at Godoy & Hoyos)
  • Juan Manuel Idrovo (Partner at BDO-Tax), Marta Neves (Coordinator of the Brazilian Institute of Tax Studies –IBET, Brazil) and Jose Andrés Romero (Partner at Brigard & Urrutia)