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The focus of the GREIT Annual Conference will be on international tax law and new challenges by constitutional and legal pluralism.

Event details of GREIT Annual Conference 2014
Start date 18 September 2014
End date 19 September 2014
Time 09:00
Speaker at ACTL seminar

The Group for Research on European and International Taxation (GREIT) is happy to announce the 9th GREIT Annual Conference to be held in Münster, Germany on 18 and 19 September 2014. The topic of this year’s conference will be International Tax Law and New Challenges by Constitutional and Legal Pluralism, organized and hosted by the Department of Tax Law, University of Münster. During the conference, we want to discuss different aspects of constitutional and legal pluralism in the field of international taxation.


  • Joachim Englisch
  • Suzanne Kingston
  • Raingeard de la Blétière
  • Philip Baker
  • Niels Bammens
  • Cécile Brokelind
  • Anzhela Yevgenyeva
  • Frans Vanistendael
  • Pasquale Pistone
  • Ana Paula Dourado
  • Guglielmo Maisto


  • Dennis Weber
  • Richard Lyal
  • Peter Wattel