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This afternoon seminar organized by the Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law is focused on the implementation of the G20-BEPS Antalya-agreement and other future BEPS developments.

Detail Summary
Date 14 January 2016
Time 13:00 - 19:00
Entrance of the Industrieele Groote Club

Now that the leaders of the G20 agreed in Antalya to move further with the BEPS project the focus will be on consistent implementation and monitoring of the implementation of the anti-BEPS measures.

EU anti-BEPS proposal

In the EU, the European Commission will publish an EU anti-BEPS proposal in early 2016, which will implement important aspects of the OECD BEPS package. The EU is also preparing EU transfer pricing guidelines. During this seminar tax specialists from all over the world will discuss these important developments.

The seminar will include two panels. The first panel will discuss the BEPS implementation after the Antalya-agreement. The OECD will give its views on the subject and the approach of the United States, China and the Netherlands will be debated. The second panel will talk about the EU BEPS implementation.

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