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The ACTL will organize a new edition of the Winter Course on European Direct Tax Law. The course will be held between 29 January - 3 February 2015 at the University of Amsterdam.

Event details of Winter Course on European Direct Tax Law 2015
Start date 29 January 2015
End date 3 February 2015
Time 09:00
Conference room

EU legislation

The topics of the Winter Course on European Direct Tax Law cover both EU legislation and the jurisprudence of the Court of Justice in the field of direct taxation focusing on their implications on every-day tax practice. Accordingly, every year guest speakers invited from different Member States share their experiences with the participants on how European direct tax law developments impact on their national tax systems and what opportunities these offer to taxpayers to claim EU law compliant tax treatment for their transnational transactions and operations.


Theoretical basis

At the same time, the course also aims at providing a sound theoretical basis for the understanding of the main issues and trends in European direct tax law. In the first three days of the course, emphasis lies more on the fundamentals of European direct tax law; in the last two days, recent developments and future prospects of highly relevant new proposals are discussed.