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This Winter Course will focus on the forthcoming EU BEPS proposals and the EU Treaty Freedoms. How does state aid influence Tax Rulings? What's going on with the Apple, Starbucks, Fiat and Amazon cases?

Event details of Winter Course on EU BEPS and EU Treaty Freedoms/State Aid
Start date 21 January 2016
End date 26 January 2016
Time 09:00
Flags at the European Parliament

The topics of the Winter Course on EU BEPS and the EU Treaty Freedoms will focus first of all on the EU influence on the BEPS discussion. This will cover the State aid influence on transfer pricing, namely Starbucks, Fiat and Amazon, the new EU GAAR and the hybrid instruments rules in the Parent-Subsidiary Directive. Also the EU tax transparency, exchange of tax rulings and country by country reporting, and the forthcoming EU anti-BEPS Directive will be discussed.

Experience in taxation

The Winter Courses are:

  • Aimed at persons with at least a couple of years of experience in taxation
  • Interactive, discussion-oriented
  • Based on small groups of a maximum of 25 participants
  • Accessible at a discount for participants in both Winter Courses and organizations
  • Part of the NOB Permanent Education programme