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What's BEPS? This International Winter Course will focus on OECD BEPS. From interest deductions and other financial payments, to hybrid mismatches, Tax Treaty abuse and challenges for practitioners.

Event details of Winter Course on OECD BEPS
Start date 14 January 2016
End date 20 January 2016
Time 09:00
ACTL seminar

This Winter Course focuses on the OECD BEPS project. The most important actions of the BEPS project will be discussed, such as CFC rules, hybrid mismatches, the definition of permanent establishment, hybrid entities, transfer pricing, tax treaty abuse, IP special regimes, dispute resolution, taxation of the digital economy, BEPS versus developing countries, and the multilateral instrument to implement tax treaty BEPS issues. This intensive course will bring the participant's knowledge up-to-date with all the recent OECD BEPS developments.

Experience in taxation

The Winter Courses are:

  • Aimed at persons with at least a couple of years of experience in taxation
  • Interactive, discussion-oriented
  • Based on small groups of a maximum of 25 participants
  • Accessible at a discount for participants in both Winter Courses and organizations
  • Part of the NOB Permanent Education programme