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Tax Multilateralism; Fundamentals & Recent Developments in EU Tax Law CIDEEFF and GREIT are proud to announce the 13th Annual GREIT Conference and the 10th GREIT Summer Course. Both will take place at the Lisbon University from 18 through 22 June.

Event details of Multilateralism and International Tax Law
Start date 18 June 2018
End date 19 June 2018

The Annual Conference will focus on Tax Multilateralism, such as digital taxation, tax transparency, the EU tax multilateralism, and the implementation problems raised by the Multilateral Convention signed on 17 June 2017.  Programme: see below

The GREIT Summer Course programme is based on the upcoming 7th edition of the Terra/Wattel European Tax Law (direct taxation). Editors and authors of this 7th edition will present and discuss the Fundamentals & Recent Developments in EU Tax Law. This will be, therefore, a unique opportunity for you to become familiar with the new Terra/Wattel edition. Programme: See below

The GREIT Conference and Summer Course are targeted to tax professionals and academics. Special conditions are granted to enrollment of law firms, consultants and other companies, as well as to master students and young participants up to 30 years.
PhD students may candidate to a waiver.