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Sjoerd Douma and Alexia Kardachaki (both ACTL) have been selected to organize a panel during the Amsterdam Privacy Conference 2018.

Event details of ACTL participates in Amsterdam Privacy Conference
Date 8 October 2018
Time 11:00

The panel is entitled: 'International tax transparency in a globalized world: there's no limit! Or is there?!’ The panel discusses the practical, technical and legal limits – if any – to the exponential increase of transparency in international taxation. Does this transparency deliver what it should for tax authorities and societies around the world and are fundamental rights of taxpayers sufficiently protected? Of course, special focus will be on the specific issue of privacy of taxpayers. 

Other panel members include Mona de Boer (Director Data Analytics at PwC and University of Amsterdam), Paul Klaassen (Country-by-Country Reporting Leader at Dutch Tax Authorities) and Ruben Freudenthal (Professor at University of Groningen and partner Mazars). The panel will take place on 8 October 2018, 11.00am, at the Amsterdam Law School.