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This book is the result of the 10th Annual Conference of the Group for Research on European and International Taxation (GREIT), which was held on 17 and 18 September 2015 in Amsterdam

This book is essential reading for anyone interested in learning about how EU law and international law influence each other through a two-way flow of concepts and categories.

Subjects discussed in this book are:

  • Interactive law building and EU tax law
  • The formation of customary law in the field of taxation
  • Tax sovereignty in an era of tax multilateralism
  • Tax incentives, global tax fairness and the development of tax law in developed and developing countries
  • The interaction between IP box regimes and compensatory tax measures
  • Enhanced transparency and its impact on relations between tax authorities and taxpayers
  • The EU Code of Conduct
  • State aid recovery and investor protection for non-EU taxpayers
  • APAs and State aid
  • The general anti-abuse clause in the EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive
  • The European Union and BEPS: conflicting concepts of tax avoidance
  • The European Commission’s anti-tax avoidance package

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