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During this webinar, Dennis Post, Claudio Cipollini and Raffaele Russo will discuss the new reporting obligations for crypto-assets under the so-called DAC8 proposal of the European Commission. The discussion will focus on the critical issues of the new tax reporting framework and highlight the main challenges for crypto-asset service providers and tax administrations.
Event details of ACTL-CPT Talks: Discussion on “Crypto-assets tax reporting: CARF and DAC8”
2 March 2023
16:00 -17:00

In August 2022, the OECD approved the CARF which provides for the reporting of tax information on Crypto-Assets in a standardized manner, with a view to automatically exchanging such information. The CARF defines the relevant crypto-assets in scope and the intermediaries and other service providers that will be subject to reporting.

The DAC8 proposal, which is largely based on the OECD’s CARF, represents the EU’s response to the tax challenges deriving from the increasing use of crypto-assets. It extends the scope of the automatic exchange of information to include the information reported by crypto-asset service providers and crypto-asset operators providing services to EU users.

During this webinar moderated by Anna Vvedenskaya, Raffaele Russo, Dennis Post and Claudio Cipollini, will outline the content of the DAC8 proposal and discuss issues such as:

  • the differences between the CARF and the DAC8 proposal;
  • the crypto-assets in scope, and in particular the coverage of NFTs
  • intermediaries in scope, and in particular the application of the proposed rules to DeFi;
  • the issue of equivalence of non-EU regimes and the legal nature of CARF.
Raffaele Russo
Raffaele Russo

About the ACTL-CPT Talks

The “ACTL-CPT Talks: in discussion with” consist of a series of webinars organized by the Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law (ACTL) of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) under the umbrella of the research project “Designing the tax system for a Cashless, Platform-based and Technology-driven society” (CPT project)

During the ACTL-CPT talks the speakers present and discuss a subject relevant to achieve a fair, efficient and fraud-proof taxation in today's society. The sessions are held via Zoom’s webinar tool. They are free of charge and open to the general public.


Dennis Post
Dennis Post
Claudio Cippolini
Claudio Cippolini