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ACTL PhD programme

Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law

Current PhD research

  • Samira Bentohami
  • Reinout de Boer
  • Victor Chew
  • Martine Chin-Oldenziel
  • Vanessa Ferreira
  • Tjebbe Gerverdinck
  • Gerrit Groen
  • Paul Hondius
  • Mick Knops
  • Martijn Nouwen
  • Elise Okhuizen
  • William Owusu Demitia
  • Raul Papotti
  • Natalia Quinones
  • Thida Sirithaporn
  • Afton Titus
  • Clark Warren
  • Martijn Weijers
  • Ciska Wisman

Application for PhD candidacy

The ACTL frequently has openings for internal PhD researchers and also considers proposals of external candidates. These positions lead to the award of a doctoral degree from the University of Amsterdam.

Applications should be sent by email to ACTL PhD Programme Director, Prof. Otto Marres and should contain the following:

  • Letter of motivation
  • CV
  • Research proposal - maximum 2,000 words

Applicants will receive confirmation of receipt.

Criteria for PhD application

  • Candidate's research proposal must fall within the ACTL research programme.
  • Supervisor within the ACTL must be available to supervise the candidate.
  • Candidate must possess an LLM or equivalent post-graduate degree from an accredited university.
  • PhD thesis must be written in English or Dutch; the ACTL prefers PhD theses written in English.