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The Group for Research on European and International Taxation comprises a network of academics specialized in EU and international tax law. The Group conducts independent expert research into the development of European and international taxation.

The GREIT started up on an informal basis in Lund, Sweden, in 2006 during the first conference entitled, ‘The effect of the ECJ’s ruling on member States direct income tax laws’. Each year, the GREIT organises a conference on a certain topic in the area of European and international taxation. In 2009, the group launched the GREIT Lisbon summer course on European Taxation and the GREIT-Linkedin group.

The Group for Research on European and International Taxation:

  • Invites dialogue on the future of tax law research
  • Supports young researchers in expressing and spread their ideas
  • Cooperates with practitioners in search of expertise in EC tax law
  • Stimulates debate between researchers from different areas of law and economics

The GREIT activities are open to all who are interested. If you are interested in becoming a friend of the GREIT and being kept up to date with its activities, visit the GREIT group on LINKEDIN.

GREIT FELLOWS are professors, academic researchers and prominent lawyers contributing to the development of International & European Tax Law and who are committed to actively participate in the GREIT activities and have done so at least twice in the past GREIT Initiatives.

The Board

The board (and initiators) of the GREIT are Cécile Brokelind (University of Lund), Ana Paula Dourado (University of Lisbon), Pasquale Pistone (Vienna University of Economics and Business) and Dennis Weber (University of Amsterdam). A Member of the board organizes the annual GREIT Conference every two years and every year if there is no other candidate. The board is responsible for proposing the Conference topic, giving input to the Academic Committee and approving it.

  • Professor Dr Cécile Brokelind
  • Professor Dr Ana Paula Dourado
  • Professor Dr Pasquale Pistone
  • Professor Dr Dennis Weber

Academic Committee

The GREIT-Academic Committee is responsible for organising the practical aspects of the GREIT-conference and to provide input on academic issues.  See for more info the work rules.


Please note: the GREIT webpage is hosted by the ACTL, but the ACTL does not own the network.