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Results: 21 - 40 of 57
Results: 21 - 40 of 57
  • Hoogleraar van Universiteit van Amsterdam steunt afschaffing dividendbelasting.
    20 Sep 2018
    Dennis Weber, professor Europese Ondernemingswinst belastingen aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam, steunt het plan om de dividendbelasting af te schaffen. In een opinie die is gepubliceerd op de website van de UvA ...
  • Nieuw boek: Dividendbelasting
    14 Jun 2018
    Dividendbelasting. Een vorm van belasting die gepaard gaat met veel techniek, internationale, fiscale politiek en een grote hoeveelheid EU-recht. Deze complexiteit vraagt om een volledige, systematische en ...
  • EU flag
    New Book: The Implementation of Anti-BEPS Rules in the EU
    6 Jun 2018
    This book is a joint effort between the Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law (ACTL) of the University of Amsterdam, its partner institutions within the Global Tax Conference Project (New York University, the University of ...
  • Reinier Kooiman: 'Open limited partnership a tax-dodging vehicle'
    5 Jun 2018
    An ACTL tax specialist has once again managed to cause a stir in tax circles. Wealthy residents of the Netherlands often make use of 'open' limited partnerships (open commanditaire vennootschappen, or CVs) to hide ...
  • J.L. van de Streek
    "De man die een politieke crisis op gang bracht’
    1 May 2018
    De discussie rondom de dividendbelasting is losgebarsten, zowel in de politiek, als in de media. De Telegraaf noemt Jan van de Streek de ‘man die een politieke crisis op gang bracht’. Een kort media-overzicht van ...
  • Much Ado about ACTL Request for Dividend Withholding Tax Memos
    24 Apr 2018
    The dividend withholding tax memos do indeed appear to have been drawn up and will finally be released, according to Prime Minister Rutte in a statement made yesterday. Once Jan van de Streek and Martijn Nouwen had ...
  • New Book: The EU Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base: Critical Analysis – edited by Dennis Weber & Jan van de Streek
    16 Jan 2018
    This book serves as a guide to the major development in EU tax law, the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB) proposal.
  • New book: EU Law and the Building of Global Supranational Tax Law: EU BEPS and State Aid
    3 Apr 2017
    This book is the result of the 10th Annual Conference of the Group for Research on European and International Taxation (GREIT), which was held on 17 and 18 September 2015 in Amsterdam
  • Verkenning Universiteit van Amsterdam
    16 Jan 2017
    Auteurs: Prof. dr. J.L. van de Streek en mr. M.F. Nouwen
  • New publication: Non-Discrimination in Tax Treaties: Selected Issues from a Global Perspective” (Pistone/Weber)
    31 Oct 2016
    This book aims to find a global dimension of the non-discrimination principle in tax law through the analysis of issues with theoretical and practical importance.
  • New book: the Impact of Tax Treaties and EU Law on Group Taxation regimes – by Bruno da Silva published by Kluwer Law International
    30 Aug 2016
    This book is the first in-depth analysis of how tax treaties and EU law influence group taxation regimes. It covers relevant topics such as the application of tax treaties and EU law to group taxation regimes, the ...
  • Prof Mariken van Hilten, Law
    Mariken van Hilten, professor by special appointment of Indirect Taxes
    6 Apr 2016
    Dr M.E. van Hilten (1964) has been named professor by special appointment of Indirect Taxes at the University of Amsterdam’s (UvA) Faculty of Law. The chair was established on behalf of the Foundation for the ...
  • Exchange students EBS Wiesbaden, 2014-2015
    Meeting two LLM students @ IBFD Library
    1 Feb 2016
    LLM students Scott Dailey and Abebe Gebrehiwot Yihdego talk about why they applied to the programme and the absence of Dutch people in their class.
  • A break at a conference
    Appointment prof. dr. Mariken van Hilten
    14 Jan 2016
    Prof. dr. Mariken van Hilten has been appointed as Professor of indirect taxes at the Faculty of Law as of 1 January 2016.
  • Prof Hein Vermeulen, Professor of Law
    Hein Vermeulen, professor of International Tax Aspects of Collective Investment Institutions
    11 Jan 2016
    Professor H. Vermeulen (1969) has been appointed professor of International Tax Aspects of Collective Investment Institutions at the University of Amsterdam’s Faculty of Law.
  • Dr Jan van de Streek
    Inaugural lecture prof. dr. Jan van de Streek now online
    26 Oct 2015
    The inagural lecture of prof. dr. Jan van de Streek, held on 9 October 2015, is now available online.
  • books
    ACTL Annual Report 2014
    2 Jul 2015
    The Annual Report lists all the memberships of editorial/advisory boards of academic publications and/or associations of the members of the ACTL, as well as all their academic publications, professional publications ...
  • Annika Rulkens
    Comments on OECD BEPS-Action 4
    9 Feb 2015
    ACTL-professors Otto Marres & Jan van de Streek sent a written comment on the OECD Public Consultation : Interest Deductions and other financial payments (BEPS Action 4)
  • Flags at the European Parliament
    Advanced master in International Tax Law (Amsterdam)
    15 Dec 2014
    The UvA is pleased to announce that as of 1 September 2015 the advanced master programme: “International Tax Law: Principles, Policy and Practice” will start. This one-year, full-time programme will be given in ...
  • ACTL Annual Report 2013
    24 Apr 2014
    The Annual Report 2013 of the Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law has been published.