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Mr V. (Vassilis) Dafnomilis

Faculty of Law
Tax Law

Visiting address
  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
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  • Postbus 15557
    1001 NB Amsterdam
Contact details
  • Vassilis Dafnomilis

    Vassilis works as a lecturer at the University of Amsterdam and academic coordinator of the UvA/IBFD Adv. LLM in International Tax Law. He is also pursuing his PhD at Leiden University, conducting research in the area of international and European inheritance and gift taxation. His research focuses on the three main problems of cross-border inheritance and gift taxation and how the OECD and the EU aim to solve these problems. 

    Furthermore, Vassilis is working as a tax lawyer with PwC NL's Tax Knowledge Centre. Finally, he monitors and reports on Greek tax legislation with IBFD.

    Vassilis received a bachelor’s degree in law with honors from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2012 and two master’s degrees in European Law (University of Athens - 2013) and in European Tax Law (Leiden University - 2015). 

  • Publications


    • Dafnomilis, V. (2020). Dividend Distributions to and from Gibraltar Companies: The ECJ Decision in GVC Services (Case C-458/18) and Its Consequences. European Taxation, 60(11).


    • Dafnomilis, V. (2019). Greece - Amendments to the Thin Cap Rule, the CFC Rule and the GAAR Following ATAD Implementation. European Taxation, 59(8).
    • Vermeulen, H., & Dafnomilis, V. (2019). Case C-28/17 NN A/S v. Skatteministeriet: A CJEU Judgment that Raises ‘Fresh Questions'. EC Tax Review, 28(2), 90-100. [details]
    • Vermeulen, H., & Dafnomilis, V. (2019). ECJ Decision in Bevola (Case C-650/16): A Missing Piece in the Marks & Spencer (Case C-446/03) Puzzle. European Taxation, 59(2/3).


    • Dafnomilis, V. (2018). Report on the ERA Conference ‘Planning Cross-Border Succession’. EC Tax Review, 27(5), 280-283.
    • Dafnomilis, V. (2018). The current status of the ECJ case-law on EU inheritance and gift taxation and two unanswered questions. In B. Peeters (Ed.), Liber amicorum Rik Deblauwe (pp. 147-162). Herentals: Knops.
    • Dafnomilis, V., & Sluijter, V. (2018). Verslag Winter Seminar 2018 van het Young IFA Network. Weekblad voor Fiscaal Recht.
    • Vermeulen, H., & Dafnomilis, V. (2018). European Union - The (Draft) Laws Implementing ATAD I – An Overview of Implementation for Financial Undertakings in Different Member States, Especially as Regards the EBITDA Rule. Derivatives & Financial Instruments, 20(6). [details]


    • Dafnomilis, V. (2017). European Commission v. Hellenic Republic (Case C-98/16): The Third Act of the Greek Tax Tragedy in Europe. European Taxation, 57(9).


    • Dafnomilis, V. (2015). A Comprehensive Analysis of ECJ Case Law on Discriminatory Treatment of Cross-Border Inheritances – Part 1. European Taxation, 55(11).
    • Dafnomilis, V. (2015). A Comprehensive Analysis of ECJ Case Law on Discriminatory Treatment of Cross-Border Inheritances – Part 2. European Taxation, 55(12).
    • Dafnomilis, V. (2015). Double Taxation of Inheritances: Does the Ineffectiveness of EU Law Lead to an Effective EC Recommendation? EC Tax Review, 24(6).
    • Dafnomilis, V. (2015). Parafiscal Taxes: Are They Compatible with EU Tax Law and the Fundamental Freedoms? European Taxation, 55(9).
    • Dafnomilis, V. (2015). The application of TFEU Articles 116 and 117 in EU Taxation. Tax Notes international, 2015.
    • Dafnomilis, V. (2015). VAT on Private Educational Services in Greece: Is It Allowed Pursuant to the VAT Directive? International VAT Monitor, 26(6).


    • Dafnomilis, V. (2014). Inheritance Taxes and European Union Law: A Case Law to Be Inherited? EC Tax Review, 23(6).


    • Dafnomilis, V. (2019). Overview of the implementation of the Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive into Member States’ domestic tax laws. PwC. [details]
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  • Ancillary activities
    • PwC Netherlands
      Tax advisor (Tax Knowledge Centre)